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University of California Press, February 23, 2018.                   

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“Whether you are a philanthropist, a feminist, or a policy maker, this book will force you to open your eyes and challenge all your assumptions.”

—Kavita Ramdas, senior advisor to the Ford Foundation and former CEO of Global Fund for Women

“This is the most important book on gender and development in a decade.”

— Suzanne Bergeron, author of Fragments of Development: Nation, Gender, and the Space of Modernity

“Essential reading for understanding imperialism and racial capitalism in our time."

—Inderpal Grewal, author of Saving the Security State: Exceptional Citizens in Twenty-First-Century America

“Through a superb and incisive ethnography, Moeller reveals the limits of corporatized development and the poverty of its imagination.”

— Michael Goldman, author of Imperial Nature: The World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in the Age of Globalization

"Kathryn Moeller raises exactly the right questions that need to be asked about the hidden effects of seemingly progressive alliances between corporate actors and feminist policies. And her answers to these questions demand our continued attention."

—Michael W. Apple, author of Can Education Change Society?